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Are you looking to see what your car is putting down as power?  Dyno runs are one way to do that.  They can also give you bragging rights by telling you what kind of power you are getting and putting those results down on paper.

But be careful, while shops that offer dyno testing seem to be popping up all over the area, a dyno run is only as good as the shop environment, machine and operator.  You’ll want a place that can deliver what we consider the FOUR R’s of dyno testing:  Reputable shop, Repeated procedure, Real Results.  See anyone can do dyno testing, buy your results are just numbers on a piece of paper if the shop doesn't repeat the same procedure each time.

MCS Automotive Service uses a Dynojet 224x single-roller dynamometer (dyno).  This single-roller set up allows for maximized traction.  We strive to conduct test runs in as close to identical conditions as possible.  The goal is to give you as accurate results as possible, not skew results and try sell you service or upgrades to get you additional horsepower.

Think your car’s ready for the treadmill?  Here’s a brief check list you’ll want to review before you schedule your session:

  • Inspect the overall condition of your tires, brakes, u-joints etc.  Your wheels, tires and overall mechanics should be in good working condition.  You wouldn't run a treadmill stress test on your body with a defective heart or a broken foot.  The same goes for your vehicle and a dyno run.

  • Check the fluids.  This isn't the time to find out your oil was low.

  • Change or clean the air filter.

Once you've made sure this list is covered and you think you are ready for the workout, contact us to schedule your time and go over any other details.